Weight Lifting Class

World Class Fitness Trainers

The Australian Health and Fitness Federation has three main Trainers & Assessors whom have extensive experience within the fitness industry over 50 years combined. With backgrounds in functional movement, exercise science, law, business, hypertrophy and fat loss training to educate our future Personal Trainers. 

The knowledge combined helps you to understand the fundamental principles of training, it will give you advice of what to expect entering the fitness industry and cover key points to help you avoid making common mistakes.

  • Special Guest Speakers & Lecturers
  • Motivational speakers, pregnancy & post natal speakers, Strength & Conditioning coaches, nutritionists, chiropractors, physiotherapists and more to enhance your education
  • Backgrounds in both online coaching and owning gym facilities


Experience and Training To prepare you

We prepare you for the fitness industry by the amount of practical experience your receive. Additionally, all the extra’s to enhance your knowledge while your learning. 

  • Up to 300 hours of practical experience through client training
  • Experience in TRX, Kickboxing, Mums & Bubs, Bootcamp, HIIT, Circuit and Boxing Classes
  • One on one client training covering weight loss, hypertrophy, power lifting and conditioning sessions.
  • Client forms and training program examples to use once you graduate
Yoga Class

sTAND OUT HAVE AN EDGE OVER other personal trainers

  • look the part

    Enhance your training style with our HITSAFE Courses in MMA Ground & Pound, Kickboxing & Boxing

  • practice

    Put all your theory knowledge during class into practice in our 24/7 gym partner. Combine the theory aspects with the practical components.

  • Small classes

    Small classes means more one on one attention. Even more so we work your schedule around your work and family so you can get the most out of study and still enjoy life. With lectures every wednesday from 9 to 1pm


Set Your Goals and Meet Them

  • Build your body effectively

    Along with your mind and knowledge base to make you the best Personal Trainer Possible

  • Learn all you need to know

    Learn about nutrition to business to functional movements to exercise science

  • Further your study

    Further your study with our Hitsafe Courses in MMA Ground & Pound, Kickboxing & Boxing then take it one step further with our Nutrition Course