No matter what

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No matter what background you are coming from or where you are starting from everyone’s journey with the Australian Health & Fitness Federation is different!
We cater for all ages, learning styles, backgrounds and situations whether your:
✅ looking for a career change
✅ high school student
✅ want to further your knowledge
✅ looking to establish a business

As a company we are fully aware that individuals learn differently and also aware of how our students absorb and retain information. Some of our activities are unconventional and we want everyone to succeed by pushing them beyond what they think is capable. Our learning techniques are different to other institutes because retention rates look like this:
✅ 5% through lectures
✅ 10% through reading
✅ 20% through audio visual
✅ 30% demonstration
✅ 50% through discussion
✅ 75% through practice
✅ 90% through teaching others
We combine different learning practices so we can allow our students to retain as much information as possible. For example Matt just took his first class and he learnt this through:
✅ a lecture first
✅ read his online material
✅ then he demonstrated with his peers multiple times
✅talked about his program with his trainers and assessors
✅ ran a simulation
✅ then finally instructed his class!
A full learning cycle.

No matter you want to do with your Certificate III & IV in Fitness we are here for you!