No Pain No Gain

In Education, Training by Living For You

Alot of clients have common misconceptions about training that prevents them from commencing an exercise program & Roger Gott our head trainer and assessor teaches the AHFF students how to clear up confusion.
Here are a few:
1. No Pain No Gain – never ignore if your client is in pain! Pain is a bodies response to let the person know something is wrong. Yes, when you push yourself beyond your limits there will be pain which needs to be overcomed. However, we are talking about ‘doctor pain’ the tutor of pain in which the muscles or tendons feel pulled, popped or major discomfort. Do not ignore this pain.
2. Weight training makes women look like a man! In fact weight training strengthens and toned muscles & increases fat loss. Given our bodies are functionally correctly women do not produce enough testosterone naturally to build mass like men.

These are just a couple of example our trainers are taught so they are educated to be able to serve their clients better. Knowledge is power so when your ready to start your fitness journey download our information pack today & learn from the best Roger Gott