Resistance Bands – Are they really effective?

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Yes. For bone & muscle health weight bearing exercises are important. By combining resistance bands with these exercises it provides muscle building tension that is safe & great during rehabilitation.
The benefits of adding resistance bands to your workout are:
✅ Adaptable for all fitness levels
✅ Compound – Full Body Exercises
✅ Cost effective & great for travelling
✅ Can be used alone or combined with other fitness equipment so there is no excuse for not having a great workout!
AHFF students are taught that you can create simple & effective workouts with the most basic of equipment. You can also slow the movements right down to create that burn 🔥 Some resistance band workout moves are:
✅ Squats
✅ Horizontal Chest Press
✅ Walking Planks
✅ Bicep Curls
✅ Overhead Press

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