Understanding the Anatomy

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Understand human anatomy and how it works is fundamental here are two examples of why it is. The best way to understand theory is to put it into practice. Discovering the benefits of lunges was only part of seeing how the quadriceps, glute, hamstring, calves & core work to this movement.

Lunges are great for:
✅ Increasing a clients balance
✅ Increasing hip flexor mobility
✅ Activating the flute
✅ Spinal deloading
✅ Improved core stability

Our students need to learn the importance of stretching. There are two types of stretching static and dynamic but the question is when to I use which one and why? Choosing the right type of stretching can impact your performance prior to your workout. Generally, we do Dynamic Stretching at the beginning of the workout which involves continuously moving the joints & muscles through a full range of motion. Then static stretching is completed after finishing the work out which involves holding a stretch for 15 to 30 seconds.

Reason being:
static stretching before a vigorous activity can reduce your strength
static stretch helps reduce muscle tension and soreness by elongating the muscle and increasing blood circulation.
Dynamic stretches prepare your body for the specific movements
Dynamic stretches elevate your heart rate and increase body temperature

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