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Weight Lifting Class

Study your Certificate III in Fitness

Our personal training courses comes with Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30315) and Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40215) but the real value is in the training you get that is not in the government defined curriculum that everyone has to deliver. You will train clients from different walks of life and with different goals, you will take boot-camps, you will take a kids class and with our training and guidance you will finish the course with confidence and an experience you cant get anywhere else. A lot of gyms refuse to hire students from the main stream institutes due to there lack of practical training and experience. Our students don’t have that problem so even securing a position prior to graduation. 

  • Special Guest Speakers & Lecturers
  • Motivational speakers, pregnancy & post natal speakers, Strength & Conditioning coaches, nutritionists, chiropractors, physiotherapists and more to enhance your education
  • Backgrounds in both online coaching and owning gym facilities
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Study your Certificate IV in Fitness

Yes other institutes claim to do practical training and some even in a real “gym” (some of these “gyms” look more like a weight room..) but what they don’t tell you is the amount of practical training in their entire course is equivalent to what we do in a week. Yes, there is a lot of information to learn which is why everything is backed up with real world practical training to enforce the theory and aid in knowledge retention. The market is being flooded with people that have the cert 3/4 piece of paper with no hands on experience. Thats why our course has 6 weeks of work experience with real clients including experience in TRX, Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, Bootcamps, Kettlebell circuits, HIIT, 8 week challenges and more to prepare you. 

  • Up to 300 hours of practical experience through client training
  • Experience in TRX, Kickboxing, Mums & Bubs, Bootcamp, HIIT, Circuit and Boxing Classes
  • One on one client training covering weight loss, hypertrophy, power lifting and conditioning sessions.
  • Client forms and training program examples to use once you graduate
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Yoga Class

sTAND OUT study your nutrition coaching level 1, 2 & 3

  • AHFF Nutrition Coaching Level 1

    Begin your studies learning about key nutritional information, diets, forms and how it interacts within the body

  • AHFF Nutrition Coaching level 2

    Continue your studies and use bundles to study specific area’s including body building, athletic performance and more explore our units on the below link

  • AHFF Nutrition Coaching Level 3

    Study our 30 plus nutrition units covering multiple topics, download our nutrition forms, our meal plans certified by a nutritionist and continue to learn enhancing your career!

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hitsafe further your pt skills

  • HITsafe mma ground & pound

    Grab your piece of a multimillion dollar industry and learn from a professional MMA fighter.

  • Hitsafe Kickboxing Course

    Learn boxing skills and fundementals that will allow you to teach and train your clients properly

  • Hitsafe Boxing Course

    Further your study with our Hitsafe Courses in MMA Ground & Pound, Kickboxing & Boxing then take it one step further with our Nutrition Course